Defining Personal Style

Recently after a multi-year bout of not really caring about my style and really just wearing anything that looked remotely presentable I've felt a resurgence of interest in developing and really honing in on the way I choose to present myself to the world and to myself.After many many many hours of research and honing in on styles I've always been drawn to I've realized my personal style is very much vintage leaning, specifically in that of the 1960's. Pretty much all the styles and subculture styles of the 60's appeal to me from the more 1950's inspired trends of the early 60's, the mod and beatnik subculture trends of the mid 60's and the entire YOUTHQUAKE vibe the decade had. Some of the key pieces or looks that are recognizable throughout this decade are:

  • Shorter hemlines. Miniskirts were considered anything above the knee but mid-thigh was a more popular length.
  • Mock neck shirts. 
  • Flat or low heeled shoes made from brightly colored materials to match outfits. 
  • Brightly colored tights (my favorite trend).
  • A Line skirts.
  • Shift (shapeless) mini dresses. 

Looking in my closet there are so many of these pieces I already have and gravitate (and have every since I started picking out my own clothing so it's so exciting to finally narrow in on what my style is) to from the A line shape of the clothing to the flat shoes - loafers are a favorite and of course the tights. 
So the goal is to build a well fitting classic vintage yet modern wardrobe full of pieces that work together. 
How would you describe your personal style?

What's your opinion?



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