I Left Apple for ANDROID!

"Oh no. No more group chat."
"I just don't understand why tho!"
"Smart girl."

Hahaha...those were a few of the reactions to my recent decision to switch BACK to an android device after an 18 month love/hate affair with an iPhone.

So a little background on my history with smart phones. WAY back in the day (like 2008/9) I had the FIRST Samsung Galaxy ever released (the version that had Avatar pre-installed) and loved the phone. It was great. Fast forward some years (like 2010/11ish) and I switched over to the iPhone 4s and I remember really enjoying the phone but then life and circumstances changed and I ended up switching carriers (sprint to t-mobile) and as such switched to the Nexus 5 and then the HTC OneA9 (which were my favorite phones to date). Both of these phones died unfortunately and so I temporarily used another android then, eventually, switched over to the iPhone 7+ in 2016. I was actually already a model behind when I got the iPhone but I really didn't have any issues with it UNTIL we hit month 18 (October 2018).

Apple sent me an update and suddenly my phone SLOWED ALL THE WAY DOWN. I began having issues with Bluetooth connecting, WiFi connecting and WORKING, apps opening etc etc. The iPhone suddenly went from being this easy to use good phone to a sack of frustrating AF shit.

And then I found out that Apple actually admitted to forcing their older model phones to slow down to force their customers to upgrade and I just couldn't/won't support a company that does that. I think there is nothing more disrespectful a company can do to their customers than force them to give up more money in order to have a functional consumer tech experience.


So I switched.

I currently own the newest LG, model V40 thinQ, which has *5* cameras. LOLz. It's a flagship device that originally costs about $1000 but I got on sale for 50% OFF. I've really been enjoying it and enjoying re-learning android. The customization options are BLOWING MY DAMN MIND.
There are a couple things that I'm a little miffed about with this phone but it might just be because I'm still used to iPhone and my brain hasn't fully rewired yet.

All in all I love my new android device and WILL NEVER go back to an iPhone.
Come back next week for post on my LG V40 thinQ set up and mini review.


What's your opinion?



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