Makeup Items that MUST Stay In My Collection

If you follow me on instagram then you know I am currently on a ten month no buy challenge which means I am not bringing anything new into my collection and focusing on using up the products that I already own.

This project has really helped me in finding out what I really love and what I still need. On a daily basis I hardly wear any makeup but I love challenging myself to create looks for instagram and working with a set group of items is a perfect way to really force myself to exercise my creativity. 

Anywho, this project has been going on for a few weeks now and i've discovered some TRUE favorites in my collection. Now this is different from my "current favorites" because these are not necessarily products that i am using everyday or even currently in my rotation but these are products that no matter what i always want to have on me. Period and if they were to be discontinued i would be very annoyed.

Kosas Cream Blush in Tropic Equinox - this is the most flattering blush color and formula I've found for my skin and complexion. everytime i wear this i'm impressed and in love with the way my makeup looks. 

Aromi Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Dark Espresso - this is THE MOST FLATTERING bold lip color i own. it's a very dark color that has a lot of demension. there's a little bit of purple in there, some grey, almost black brown. i don't wear bold colors all the time but when i do it's going to be this. 

TANF Cream Foundation - this is a green beauty product that i have repurchased three times. i am never without this foundation/concealer in my arsenal. my favorite way to describe this product is that it's a solid tinted moisturizer. the formula is creamy, dewy and very easily spread across the skin. there's a very youthful glow to the texture and formula and it's perfect for dry and normal skin. it's a light coverage product but can be built up. 

Buxom Lip Cream in White Russian - this is my go to lip gloss. the shade is a gorgeous milky pink. it makes the lips look very pouty and sexy and the tingling of the formula is a favorite sensation of mine. 

Stila Glitter and Glow - stila was the first mainstream brand to make glitter easy imo. this product is so easy to use. you don't get any fall out, you don't have to use an extra product to get the glitter to stay. it's just easy. this is my go to product whenever i want to take a look up a notch or i want a look thats more festive or editorial. 

(i am wearing all of these items in the two looks above)

What products do you absolutely need to keep at all times? 

What's your opinion?



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