My name is Melody and welcome to my no buy. 

Today actually marks one month completed and successful. I briefly touched on the no buy on my Instagram page when I started but didn’t do too much advertising or discussing because I wasn’t sure if I would be successful but seeing as how I was and still feel motivated as ever I’ll be doing more updates. 

To take it all the way back to the beginning lets begin with why I chose to embark on this challenge. I, like many others in America, have a compulsive need to shop. My vice is makeup but I also spend a lot of money (unnecessarily) on fast/outside food, books, stationery, cutesy home goods and things that I really don't need to purchase. This habit has made it increasingly difficult to save my money and maintain a budget. Financial woes aside I used shopping as a crutch. It was a way to make myself feel instantly better (I mean we all do this right?) when I was having a shit day or feeling shit about myself. Let me buy a new lipstick and nothing will touch me OR I'd use my desire to create content as an excuse to continue purchasing things I didn't need or even want. 

As my makeup collection continued to grow I felt a heavier and heavier weight on my shoulders. Shame in the pit of my stomach. I had all these items and they didn't make me happy. They didn't inspire creativity. I just felt swamped. In the past when I've felt like this I would simply declutter and start over and this cycle happened a number of times over the years. I've realized now that while decluttering helped relieved the stress of having too much stuff it never addressed the root cause of what was making me purchase all of this stuff.

Recently, a very big BIG financial/life goal has come up. It is a goal that I very much, without question, want and need to meet. There is nothing (talking possessions here) that I value more than meeting this goal and in order to meet this goal I have to be better about my spending. I also want to get my money's worth and use up some of my possessions AND I think forcing myself to use products up will teach me the value of what I own. Like: girl are you sure you want to buy another blush when it took you 13 months to finish up the old one? 

Hence, the no buy.

So, the rules of my no buy are as follows: 
1. No new MAKEUP purchases at all
2. Finish all/as many makeup items in my collection as possible within the 9 month time frame. 
3. Repurchase item only when all other items in that section is done. I.E. buy a new lipstick when ALL other lipsticks are used up, no blush until all blushes are done, etc. This rule applies to skin care as well. 
4. Add 15 articles of clothing (not including outer ware or shoes) to wardrobe for A/W season. Effectively creating a capsule. 
5. Gift giving and accepting are okay within monthly budget. 


This past month has been easier than I expected in regards to the no buy. I suppose it has to do with the preparation steps I took before hand and the excitement that comes with the "newness" feeling of the beginnings of a life change. 

I unsubscribed to all of the beauty related emails I was opted in to. I unfollowed all of the beauty and company pages that would tempt me to purchase something. I also unsubscribed to pages on YouTube that really pushed the consumerist ways of our society and tempted me. 

Not having those daily images in my face constantly has really helped to quell my desire for shopping (so far). In the past I shopped for beauty products constantly whether online, social media or in store. It was always on the forefront of my mind. And now that I don’t find myself thinking of that I have so much more mind space available. 

It’s amazing. 

Like truly. I feel a kind of peace I didn't even know was possible. 

I am feeling great and fully committed to the next eight months of this challenge. 

Are you entering or thinking of doing a "no buy" challenge? Whether it be makeup, clothes, books, housewares? I'd love to chat with you about it and hear what drove you to making this choice!  

What's your opinion?



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