Defining Personal Style- What I Spent My $100 Seasonal Clothing Budget On

In my quest to live a simpler less stressful life and save as much money as possible I've adopted a "capsule" wardrobe or basically a minimal wardrobe as all my pieces can work pretty much year around (with a few tweaks).

My A/W wardrobe was almost complete I was just missing a couple bottoms, three tops and a scarf. I decided that I would not be spending more than $100 for these pieces. To achieve this I did a bit of thrifting via and some discount shopping via

What I bought:

Pashmina Scarf (black) - $3.99
Decree Long Sleeve Top (black + sheer) - $6.99
I purchased this to act as my "slightly dressier" top for the upcoming holidays and date nights etc.
Jaclyn Smith Pullover Sweater (Blue and Black and White) - $9.99
Originally I wanted a wrap top but then I saw this and felt so drawn to this pattern that it made it into my cart. Looking at this top makes me happy and thats what matters in clothes right?

Sag Harbor Pullover Sweater (Red) - $5.99
This top gives me all the 50's poodle girl vibes and PERFECTLY fulfills my need for a lightweight sweater. I'll probably be paring this with a high pony and skater skirt or denim with loafers. So excited for this piece. 

That's everything I picked up from 

7th Element Plus Size Faux Leather Leggings (Black) - $15.99
I have been LUSTING for a pair of leather/liquid leggings for months. I bought a pair for my mom for her birthday in September and had a pair way back in the day (like 5+ years ago) and am so excited to have a pair in my closet again. I cannot wait to style these.

I also bought a bra from amazon for $27 (from a brand I already love but in a different color).
I have about $25.00 left and am only needing a pair of denim jeans. I will be searching for a great pair that I love that fits into that remaining budget and will update you when I find them.

Woo, I'm so proud of myself for this little haul and saving money but getting some really great pieces. Are you a thrift shopper or do you prefer to buy new and unused?

What's your opinion?



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