About Me

Hi, there! I’m Eve. This is the page where I get to introduce myself… so what's up?!
A little background about me yeah? 
My day time gig is in healthcare administration but pretty much everything I love skews very creative. One of my very favorite jobs was working at Bed Bath and Beyond where I was in charge of designing and building the window treatment designs to help sell the product. It's strange how something as simple as designing a window can be fulfilling but it was. Now to fill that creative urge I write (oh yea, I wrote a book...more on that below), create content for Instagram, play around with recipes, style pieces in my wardrobe and read.

I am happily committed to the LOML D.W. We've been dating since 2008 (broke up in 2010 for two years then got back together in 2012 and have been together ever since). He's my bestie :)
I was born and raised in NYC. Spent my childhood in the Bronx then moved to Manhattan (uptown) when I became an adult. I mean it's alright but NYC is not a place where someone can really live their life and not have the thought of money constantly hovering above their heads unless they are very well off. DW and I do well for ourselves but we could definitely do better somewhere else. So somewhere else here we come...eventually.
Oh yes! My book. In 2014 I wrote a collection of short stories dedicated to love and relationships and published it as an E-Book. It is easily one of the proudest accomplishments of my life. I love this book and would love if you all read it (if you want. no pressure.)

I intend on using this space as an old school style blog. A place where I'll share whatever is of interest to me at the moment whether that be my outfits, what I'm reading, watching or loving. Anything that sparks a bit of joy in my life that I want to share.

Hope you enjoy

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